Options for Home Ownership

At Harrogate Housing Association we offer different ways for you to get that first step on to the property ladder and own your own home.

Shared Ownership

Our shared ownership scheme allows you to buy a share in either a brand new property or refurbished property. By obtaining a mortgage on, for example, 50% of your home and renting the other 50% you can step onto the homeownership ladder. As your income rises you can then buy more of your home. Ownership percentages can start from 25%.

Current Availability

All our developments are listed on the help to buy website at https://www.helptobuyagent1.org.uk/

They can also be found on our development page. Please note that were will normally be a requirement of a strong local connection to the area.

Right To Acquire

You can apply to buy your home if you’ve had a public sector landlord for 3 years.

Your property must either have been built or bought by Harrogate Housing Association after 31 March 1997.

If you think you qualify  and you are interested in this scheme then download an application form from the Homes and Communities Agency website