At Harrogate Housing Association we are dedicated to providing you with a reliable repairs service. Our service categorises repairs into 3 priorities and each priority is given a timescale to be attended to, these are :

  1. Emergency – attended within 24 hours, these are repairs such as a non containable leak, damage to ground floor windows which affects the safety of the occupants, insecure external doors
  2. Urgent – attended within 5 working days , these are repairs such as broken glazing partial loss of power, internal leaks that can be contained , taps that cannot be not be turned on or off, non flushing toilet.
  3. Routine – attended within  28 days, these are repairs such as internal joinery repairs, repairs to gutter, plastering works, roofing works.

Key Policies

Rechargeable Repairs

  • If a repair is our responsibility then you don’t have to pay for these repairs.
  • When you report a repair to us and if you, anyone in your home, anyone visiting you or your pet cause damage to your home, you will be responsible for the repair.
  • If we have to do the repair to make sure you and your home are safe, you will have to pay for the cost of the repair.
  • We will advise you of this recharge as soon as we can and how you can pay this recharge.
  • If damage is caused by a break-in or vandalism, we will carry out work to make sure your home is safe. We can only do further work if you give us a Police Crime Report Number (not an Incident Number).

Key Policies