Our values

We are local, approachable and customer-focussed but what do they mean?


Our commitment is to invest and sustain our business solely in the Harrogate District. We enable local people to create a home near family and work. By being based at the centre of the community we serve our decisions are supported by local knowledge and a real understanding of our customers’ needs.  We are part of the community where we work and we want to make our neighbourhoods better places to live and where everyone can prosper.


We welcome interaction with our customers and there will always be a familiar face to talk to.  We will continue to build rapport with people and have relationships based on mutual trust and respect.  Customers can discuss matters with us in an open and honest way, they will be listened to and taken seriously.  Together we will continue to improve neighbourhoods and homes making them better places to live.


Customers are fundamental to everything we do.  We hear what our customers tell us is important and work with them to shape our services and investment plans, taking time to explain decisions and priorities.  We work proactively to deliver excellent customer service and are committed to ensuring customers enjoy living in their homes and want to stay there.