HHA Brief History

Originally known as Harrogate Families Housing Association, formed in 1968. It is an exempt charity registered with the Homes and Communities Agency.

The Association was formed in response to the appeal launched in 1968 to mark the 20th anniversary of the United Nations declaration on human rights, to address the perceived need and provide good quality accommodation at affordable rents. These values are at the centre of what the Association aims to deliver for the people of Harrogate.

Through fundraising, monetary and property gifts and bequests, grants from the Government and loans the Association grew and currently owns 267 homes in and around the district of Harrogate. This includes a supported housing scheme for young people operated in partnership with Foundation, the support provider and a number of dispersed properties for people recovering from alcohol and drugs use operated by Changing Lives.  There is close co-operation between the Association and Harrogate Council to assist in the delivery of its strategy and to develop new homes.

In addition to the properties directly owned by the Association we manage a further 33 properties for Harrogate Flower Fund Homes,  a housing association based in Harrogate.

Since1 October 2017 the Association has been the sole corporate trustee of Applegarth Homes, an almshouse consisting of 10 properties.  These are part of the 267 homes noted above as the 10 properties have been leased to the Association.

Recognising our grass roots, the Association is firmly committed to Harrogate and only operates within the Harrogate District.

The Association’s original vision was focused solely on the needs of families, our local offer now includes provision for a variety of customer groups.