Satisfaction Survey Action Plan 2021

In December 2020 we carried out a satisfaction survey on how we deliver our services to you. Thank you for providing your responses it has been really good for us to see where we are getting things right and where we need to improve.

The overall satisfaction levels came out at 94%, which is really good and is an increase from the last survey in 2019 which was 91%.

Another important outcome of the survey was around the net promoter score. This is a figure used to measure the loyalty of customers to a company. All Housing Associations measure how people feel about their association using this score. Any score over 50 is considered good and  HHA scored 57,which is a very positive position.

The areas that had the least satisfaction were in the following areas

·    Repairs and maintenance of your home

·    Neighbourhood as a place to live

·    Kept informed of progress

To ensure we work on these areas we have created a targeted action plan. Please click the link below for more details.

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