Customer Conference 2018

Your Customer Conference 2018

Customers attending the conference enjoyed the discussions and information provided at the event.This gave them an opportunity to hear about theinvestments the Association has been making in their homes in the last 12 months and the challenges it has faced in the year. Chief Executive, Steven Brook , discussed with customers the evolving opportunities in housing generally and outlined how HHAL will be able to continue to support Affordable Housing provision for local people. Customers felt that the informal discussions gave them an insight into the work HHAL do and an opportunity to give  feedback on the direction for the Association.

Here’s the feedback we received:

  • “Nothing all good”
  • “I can’t think, come here once a year to get information of the past 12 months. Always been satisfied in the last 15 years.”
  • “They are very good at responding in everything. Very good notice on changing things, friendly people indeed. But hours of opening is very funny but they are good at emailing and phone. Brilliant.”
  • “Detailed repair programme for each property. Detailed assessment following contracted work – to ensure not paying for work that is not completed.”
  • “I don’t want to change anything. Please keep 50% of allocations for yourselves. Not just for the council.”
  • “Better follow up and checks after completion of planned refurbishments (not just repairs). More support for tenants needing to move to a bigger property and stuck on a waiting list.”
  • “Comparing rents with rents by private landlords is incorrect – Must be compared with other social landlords i.e. Councils and other social landlords.”
  • “More staff to actually cover the telephones instead of answerphone.”
  • “I would like to know why my rent increase is in April why my service charge is in October.”
  • “Nothing I can think of”
  • “Nothing to change at the moment at the moment happy with the way things are going.”
  • “Nothing, keep transparent in your approach.”
  • “Very happy with things as they are.”

Come and join us next year and “Have your say!”

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