Better Place to Live

We’ve been working on our neighbourhoods over the last year with increased Estate Walkabouts by the Housing Officer’s. Some of our estates now have weekly visits from the Housing Officers and these are regularly accompanied by North Yorkshire Police. We’ve also worked with Harrogate Borough Council’s Private Sector Leasing and Environmental Protection Teams to report issues and help keep the neighbourhoods feeling safe and clean.

We recently sent out a survey to our most effected neighbourhood to get customer feedback on our work to improve the area. The majority of customers who responded felt the weekly walkabouts were the right amount but one response also suggested that the Housing Officers visit on a Saturday night to get a better idea of the neighbourhood at night.

So we did.

On Saturday 14 November the Housing Officer attended from 8:30pm – 9:30pm with the area PCSO and a Public Safety Officer. Future evening and weekend walkabouts will continue to take place and we will continue to get feedback from customers on what they would like to see us target and how we can best deliver their service

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